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Our Team, Our Story

A Note from the Inventor

Dear Wonderful PancakeBot® Supporter,

It has been over five years since my family and I have started this wonderful journey to bring PancakeBot to your kitchen table. From LEGO to the final manufactured product, many of you have been with us for most of that journey and, if not, we are grateful to have shared the wonderful adventures we’ve had with you.

I’d like to thank you for your support and patience. I’d also like to thank the Maker Community, Kickstarter, and StoreBound for making an idea sparked by the imagination of a child into a reality. I hope you have many wonderful experiences making pancakes for your family and friends and that you share those experiences with us.

With so many others out there who have helped, it is difficult to mention everyone but I would like to extend my gratitude especially to Mark Dumas (for the LEGO), Dan Royer from, Jan Dyre Bjerknes, Martin Lindstedt, and Jon D. Stravitz for being key people in making PancakeBot happen.

I owe the inspiration behind the idea to my daughters, Lily Penelope and Maia Cordelia, and a special debt of gratitude to my wife, Runi Steen, for her continuing support and patience as we move forward with the PancakeBot adventure.

Thank you again for your support. I cannot wait to see the creations you make with PancakeBot, whether it be pancakes or whatever you dream of.

From the entire PancakeBot family, happy pancake making!


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