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In the fall of 2010 Miguel Valenzuela was reading an article in Make Magazine Volume 2 named 'Blockheads' by Bob Parks. In the article, it talked about a British designer named Adrian Marshall who created a scale model of a Pancake Stamping Machine out of LEGO for one of his clients. Miguel told his oldest daughter Lily about the article and Lily turned to her sister and said, 'Maia! Papa is going to build a pancake machine out of LEGO. And of course, when a 3 year old tells you to build a pancake machine out of LEGO, you better deliver. Over the next 6 months Miguel tinkered and bricked with different design concepts and eventually came up with version 1 of PancakeBot. He published it on Youtube for some friends and family to see and the video went viral, being featured in Make Magazine, Wired and PC magazine.
In the fall of 2012 Miguel and his wife Runi took PancakeBot from Norway all the way to the World Maker Faire in New York City and showed it off for the first time in public. The reaction was fantastic and it was great when parents would say that they came to the show to see PancakeBot.

In the fall of 2013, Miguel began designing the New PancakeBot, a non LEGO version for those interested in going beyond MindStorms. The New PancakeBot will debuy May 17th at the Bay Area Maker Faire.
Miguel and his family currently live in Norway. Miguel continues to improve upon the design and is using PancakeBot in after school programs to teach kids about engineering, robot building and programming, oh, and of course, eating pancakes. PancakeBot was featured on the Norwegian National News NRK1 on Wednesday, December 12, 2012.

If you're interested in helping out with the project, please make a donation from the front page. It helps us cover our expenses.

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