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  • posted "Shake 'n Pour" mixes are going to work very well. This was a quick test to see which direction we should go from the recommended water to mix ratio. The water amount recommended on the mix container is a bit thin; but, very close. So, we know the next test will have to use less water. We divided the 300 gram contents into 3 batches for testing. The recommended water is 1.5 cups for the full container, so we used 4 ounces for the first batch. Tomorrow we will try the second batch with 2.5 ounces and test the results. We're trying to use a bracketing strategy to find the optimal water amount we can use for each demonstration.
    • Thomas Daniel Meeks I will pass your information on to them. Thanks.
    • Thomas Daniel Meeks Perhaps the place for this to be most effective is in the bottle's cap. I'll experiment a bit.

      By the way, we met with some educator partners that use YouthQuest Foundation's 3D Design and Print curriculum and they LOVED the PrinterBot! They immediately started talking about how they could use it at two of their school locations. If they do buy one or two, we offered to help train their staff in getting started.
    • Miguel Valenzuela It would be great if we could put a floater under the pump outlet to block the batter. I wonder if we could see the batter level somehow.
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  • posted Has anyone tried using the "Shake 'n Pour" bottles of pancake mix by companies like Betty Crocker?
  • posted It is my recommendation to not use 3 tablespoons of oil in the recipe as stated in the instructions for PancakeBot. Use 2 tablespoons.
  • posted PancakeBot arriving this afternoon. How fine a sieve do I need for the batter? That is, how big can the lumps be and still work?
    • Miguel Valenzuela Just make sure that the holes on the seive are smaller than 2mm to prevent clogging.
    • David Bourne The PancakeBot 2 arrived with the pressure set fairly high. I didn't setting correctly. Tried a second batch with lower pressure and it seemed somewhat better. It did a good job on the Eiffel tower but its a large pancake
    • David Bourne First 1 1/2 batches complete!!! I used a whisk and a fairly course sieve. Just a cheap one. It seemed to flow OK. Maybe a little too well. I think next time I'll make the batter a little thicker.
  • posted Anyone have a good gluten free recipe?
  • posted Add half a banana and 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon to the base batter recipe and make sure the banana is mashed real good. Run it through the sieve to remove clumps and now you have a banana cinnamon pancake!
  • posted vous avez une recette officiellement testée "Pancakebot"? et des recettes salées ?? Merci
  • posted I cannot see any batter recipes on this web site - can anybody help me?
  • posted Hey Germans, did you succesfully print your first pancakes? Which receipt did you use?
    I´ve tried this one with 180gr flour:

    The result seems to be ok so far. But you need to steer it so long that you don´t get any clots in the dough.

    I´ve also tried to add some food colour. But that was not really successful. The dough looks colourful, but as soon as the print stays some minutes on the griddle, the colour gets ugly.
  • posted Has anyone developed a recipe simply for trying designs but not to actually consume. Something like just flour, water and oil?
    • Miguel Valenzuela Hi Jbach,
      If you don't use sugar, then the pancake does not brown, (unless you let it sit for a long time). The sugar turns brown due to caramelizing.