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  • posted My air pump is dead. Do you know what model it is?
    • Miguel Valenzuela First of all, please note, the manufacturer StoreBound does not recommend servicing your machine. But they don't manage this forum, so it's up to you to decide what to do. If you need help with a replacement part, send an email to or
      Now, as far as I know, the pumps are vacuum pumps, 6 Volt, 500 mA DC.
      Do a search on ebay for 6V DC mini Micro air pump.
      BTW, why did you think it went out?
  • posted Here is the final "Bottle Baffle" design. It fits all PancakeBot bottle styles. It may be difficult to remove the first time it is inserted; but, becomes easier after that. Can be downloaded from DropBox.
  • posted The final version of the "Bottle Baffle" is a bit deeper than the first designs. This is to keep the baffle straight in the bottle. It takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes to print. I will put the .STL file in a DropBox location for free download. The idea behind using this device is to keep any stray pancake mix from bubbling up into the hose. I will post the link to the download later today.
    • Jorge Abreu How might I get my hands on the STL for this print? I would like to make a few for a science lab that I am volunteering at if its possible. thanks and nice design!
  • posted OBSERVATION: Batter in Tube

    As the batter bottle nears empty, the "retraction" or sucking action can create little mini-splashes and tiny amounts of batter can be sucked up into the hose. It's only small particles; but, if not cleaned out they can dry and over time build up. I am not sure that a pipe cleaner can immediately be used to clean the tube or if it will simply push the tiny batter spots deeper. So, I'll pick up some pipe cleaners with which to test.

    A baffle, inserted into the top of the bottle should prevent this from happenin by catching the splashes and preventing them from reaching the hose outlet.

    It is important to note that it does NOT take tipping the bottle to see some residual batter in the hose.
  • posted Here is an updated view of the design for the additional batter trap. If batter is sucked into the air tube, it falls to the bottom of the trap and unless there is about 15mm depth of batter, it cannot even get into the other chamber that leads back to the pump. Even then it would require more than 20mm of batter to even reach the other tube.
  • posted A Carrying Case for your PancakeBot.

    We're going to have to our our PancakeBots around and due to its size it was logical to try to find large luggage in which it would fit. We found one; but, it DID require a 5"x3" hole to be cut to fit the longest side of the PancakeBot.

    Here is the link to the one we found.

    And if I can figure out how to include a picture I will post the modification to make it fit.
    • Thomas Daniel Meeks Here is the image
  • posted Lost Silicon Tubing
    For those of you who have lost your tubing, you can use 2 mm ID 4 mm OD neoprene or silicon food safe tubing. A typical place to buy it is on Ebay, for example:
  • posted hELLO everyone! I'm afraid I need your help : one piece (the right support leg) of our lovely pancakebot is missing. Unfortunately we could NOT find it in the box ( it's bad luck, it seems vanished) Does somebody know if it's possible to buy/order just this missing piece ? maybe some of yours had already experienced this before ?
  • posted I'm looking for parts to purchase, and was wondering if you accept purchase orders? I'm looking for tubing, and the 4-pack bottles. Can you help me, or direct me to the place I can order?
  • posted Hey, I wrote the a long time ago about a broken unit, but no one ever got back to me. How can I get some replacement parts? I feel sad and out $300.
    • Miguel Valenzuela Dave, drop me an email. and I will see what I can do. Miguel
    • Tim Wallace David, I'm starting to think no one is running the show. I've been waiting for info on how to get pump/valve parts coming up on 3 weeks now. I can't get any response either.