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  • posted hELLO everyone! I'm afraid I need your help : one piece (the right support leg) of our lovely pancakebot is missing. Unfortunately we could NOT find it in the box ( it's bad luck, it seems vanished) Does somebody know if it's possible to buy/order just this missing piece ? maybe some of yours had already experienced this before ?
  • posted I'm looking for parts to purchase, and was wondering if you accept purchase orders? I'm looking for tubing, and the 4-pack bottles. Can you help me, or direct me to the place I can order?
  • posted Hey, I wrote the a long time ago about a broken unit, but no one ever got back to me. How can I get some replacement parts? I feel sad and out $300.
    • Miguel Valenzuela Dave, drop me an email. and I will see what I can do. Miguel
    • Tim Wallace David, I'm starting to think no one is running the show. I've been waiting for info on how to get pump/valve parts coming up on 3 weeks now. I can't get any response either.
  • posted Like others, I need replacement hardware. Waiting on response emails from support is slow. If it makes sense financially, I'd love to proactively replace both valves, pump and hoses.

    Is there a faster way to get this going than waiting on tech support?

    • Miguel Valenzuela Tim, sorry for the late reply. Drop me an email at
    • Tim Wallace Is anyone there? I sent an email to at 8:45pm on Sept 30 and then started posting in this forum. Crickets. I'm getting no help. Is anyone there?
      I believe I'm going to get help. That's why I keep coming back :-)
    • Tim Wallace Is anyone out there? Sent email saturday. Posted this 2 days ago. I've heard nothing back. Help! Help!
  • posted @Slim / Fellow PancakeBot users,

    Cc @Miguel Valenzuela

    Today, while using the PancakeBot, after printing out a few triangle & square shapes, there was no pressure (I removed the nozzle cap, to get ready for the next print, the batter just dripped out. In the normal working mode, the sucking pressure from top prevents the batter from flowing out, when the cap is removed).

    Eventually, I found out that batter had flowed into both the mini valves and the mini pump.

    Q1: How could the batter have flowed from the bottle dispenser against its normal operation mode, through the various tubes, all the way INTO the mini valves & pumps?

    Hopefully some one can advise is it due to too much batter in the bottle or other reason?

    Q2: What is the proper way to clear out the batter in the mini pump?

    Thank you.

    Here's a video of what I meant:

    Image link of disassembled mini pump:
  • posted Please help. Pancake batter got into the tubes and backed up into the pump. After cleaning it all out, we see the pump is working, but one of the micro valves isn't. I'm a teacher using the PancakeBot with my students. The I.T. specialist at my school and I have emailed over 5 times and gotten no response. Does anyone know where to get the micro valve? I can't find it on Amazon or Ebay.
  • posted Is there a wiring and tubing diagram?
    I made a mess inside the tubing by tilting the batter container and getting batter sucked in. Ever since I cleaned it out, it has not been working properly, and I am assuming I must have reconnected a hose incorrectly or the batter has jammed one of the solenoid valves open/closed.. Can I get a diagram of how it is supposed to operate?
  • posted How long does it take to respond to emails?
  • posted What is really bad is the heating coil. It is only one oval heating coil. There should be more windings. Now the heat in the middle is not the same as on the sides. Therefore the pancake is not consistent in the color. This should not happen after some testing.
  • posted We get blobs every time we print, we think there is a small leak in one of the hoses. We have cleaned them all out and everything else works just fine, but the blobs never stop. The batter is perfect, the pressure is great, the griddle is the right temp.

    We've contacted you twice, no response. Please help.