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  • posted Is there a wiring and tubing diagram?
    I made a mess inside the tubing by tilting the batter container and getting batter sucked in. Ever since I cleaned it out, it has not been working properly, and I am assuming I must have reconnected a hose incorrectly or the batter has jammed one of the solenoid valves open/closed.. Can I get a diagram of how it is supposed to operate?
  • posted How long does it take to respond to emails?
  • posted What is really bad is the heating coil. It is only one oval heating coil. There should be more windings. Now the heat in the middle is not the same as on the sides. Therefore the pancake is not consistent in the color. This should not happen after some testing.
  • posted We get blobs every time we print, we think there is a small leak in one of the hoses. We have cleaned them all out and everything else works just fine, but the blobs never stop. The batter is perfect, the pressure is great, the griddle is the right temp.

    We've contacted you twice, no response. Please help.
  • posted Why are there so many issues with this $300 product and no 800 customer support? First the software doesn't install. Then I have to do a search to find that there's an updated software on Github. Then after celebrating that we finally have the software, I can't get the damn machine to read the file we put on the SD card. I've tried making my own file and downloading both a gcode file and a pbp file and nothing shows. This should not be the experience of a $300 product. Does anyone know how to get the machine to read? I've tried multiple format types, still no use
    • Miguel Valenzuela Hi Ted. Please email me your phone number to and I will call you personally. Expect a call from Norway or Granada (IP phones).
  • posted Hi, my PancakeBot did never turned ON the blue backlight of the LCD screen so it is very hard to read the screen, already updated the firmware and everything is working correctly but the backlight does not, it never turned ON, any suggestions? Tks btw.
  • posted Is the batter supposed to modulate (like an ink jet printer)? Based on meticulously following the batter recipe (and straining) it either just flows or drips. Can not notice a difference based upon using the pressure settings. As an engineer and chef it seems too sensitive. Thus I wonder if there is an obvious user error somewhere or the machine is defective.
  • posted When I first got the Pancakebot and was experimenting with air pressure and batter thickness, batter got backed up into the valves (common theme here I see). I cleaned out the hose, but didn't realize it had gotten all the way in. I cleaned out the micro valves and hoses like the videos show. However, I can't print on lower than a 10 pressure setting. I can hear the unit pushing out air but it is too soft. Also, there is no longer any suction and the batter leaks when not printing making a big mess each time. Does the air pump need replacing? Air pump and micro valves?
  • posted My bot worked fine since christmas (it was a present), until today. It's just printing dots. The air doesn't blow out. Vacuum functions fine. If I put the tube up to my ear and step the air pressure gauge up, I can hear the blower motor getting louder and louder, but no air is flowing. Is this an air compressor issue? No batter was ever sucked back into the tube, the tubes look clean.
  • posted I almost immediately lost the stopper for the batter bottle... any place to get replacement? Thanks!
    • Miguel Valenzuela drop an email to You primarily need the stopper when the pancakebot is not on so. See if this video helps.