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  • posted When I use the auto tracer and get the image settings just right, I hit File Export for printing. A popup window comes up behind the tracer program - i can't get the tracer program with my image to go away to select the options and ultimately save the image to the card. Any ideas??
  • posted Has anyone tried Inkscape's gcode plugin? This would be a good way to bypass pancake painter for a professional vector editing program.
  • posted Why won't the designs download as the .gcode and only as .txt?
    • David Bourne I found I needed to use the Terminal (Mac) and the mv command to rename the files. For example,
      mv filename.pbp.txt filename.pbp
      The file can be opened as a project in PancakePainter and saved for printing as a gcode file
  • posted On Mac OS I cannot get the software to work. It keeps saying the software has been damaged. Is there anything I need to do to fix whatever is wrong here? Your help and advise is much appreciated.
  • posted How do you clear the cache on the machine? I keep trying to print new designs but it will only print 1 design. I have deleted everything on the chip. I have tried entirely new SD cards with completely new designs, but nothing seems to work. It keep printing the same design over and over no matter what file I select.
  • posted When I do a design and try to export it to a USB stick it puts it in word jibberish. How do I get it exported with the correct app so it will work on the machine? I keep losing my artwork. Harv
    • Miguel Valenzuela Hi Harvey, I'm not sure what would cause that. Here's some questions. What operating system are you using? Does it export with a .gcode extension?

    I'm not sure how or what to put as my USB "Port" inside the AVDUDE settings.
    I tried pasting " ls /dev/tty* " in Mac's TERMINAL program (magnifying glass at top right of screen, typing TERMINAL and when the box pops up I pasted that ls /dev/ttyUSB* phrase and hit enter). It just lists a ton of various "ttyXXX" (where XX = sequential numbers) and I dont see any listings for "USB" or "tty.USB" as it says I should see in the tutorial.
    If I try just selecting "tty.USB0" from the pull-down port options in AVDUDE and hitting apply/OK and then clicking WRITE on the main screen of AVDUDE, it gives me a popup error "Error 86-- Bad CPU type in executable"

    Any help on how to find (or what pull-down option to use) as my USB port ?
    I wish it wasn't this hard. I thought I was fairly computer savvy.....
  • posted
    • Syrius Goratrix The problem seems to be solved by selecting the config file and closing, re-opening the programm
    • MARK CHRISTENSEN Regarding my post earlier today about not seeing the stk500v2 option in AVDUDE settings pull-down menu, I found another pancakebot user who said to run the DMG file for the AVDUDE program from within the APPLICATIONS folder on my mac instead of within the Download folder where I had it before.

      When I did that, I proceeded through the steps in the Firmware tutorial and am now successfully seeing the stk500v2 in the pulldown listing.
    • MARK CHRISTENSEN I'm having the same problem other users have had it appears -- Post by Travis Lape, Sept --
      "When I am trying to update my firmware in the AVRDUDE Settings under the ACRDUDE Options I don't see the any options pop up to select. I am suppose to see stk500v2 am I doing something wrong?"
  • posted my mac will not download pancake painter. why?
  • posted Why PancakeBot not work in WIN10 PC64 and I can not run?