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  • posted How do you clear the cache on the machine? I keep trying to print new designs but it will only print 1 design. I have deleted everything on the chip. I have tried entirely new SD cards with completely new designs, but nothing seems to work. It keep printing the same design over and over no matter what file I select.
  • posted When I do a design and try to export it to a USB stick it puts it in word jibberish. How do I get it exported with the correct app so it will work on the machine? I keep losing my artwork. Harv
    • Miguel Valenzuela Hi Harvey, I'm not sure what would cause that. Here's some questions. What operating system are you using? Does it export with a .gcode extension?

    I'm not sure how or what to put as my USB "Port" inside the AVDUDE settings.
    I tried pasting " ls /dev/tty* " in Mac's TERMINAL program (magnifying glass at top right of screen, typing TERMINAL and when the box pops up I pasted that ls /dev/ttyUSB* phrase and hit enter). It just lists a ton of various "ttyXXX" (where XX = sequential numbers) and I dont see any listings for "USB" or "tty.USB" as it says I should see in the tutorial.
    If I try just selecting "tty.USB0" from the pull-down port options in AVDUDE and hitting apply/OK and then clicking WRITE on the main screen of AVDUDE, it gives me a popup error "Error 86-- Bad CPU type in executable"

    Any help on how to find (or what pull-down option to use) as my USB port ?
    I wish it wasn't this hard. I thought I was fairly computer savvy.....
  • posted Help installing beta firmware on Mac
    • MARK CHRISTENSEN Regarding my post earlier today about not seeing the stk500v2 option in AVDUDE settings pull-down menu, I found another pancakebot user who said to run the DMG file for the AVDUDE program from within the APPLICATIONS folder on my mac instead of within the Download folder where I had it before.

      When I did that, I proceeded through the steps in the Firmware tutorial and am now successfully seeing the stk500v2 in the pulldown listing.
    • MARK CHRISTENSEN I'm having the same problem other users have had it appears -- Post by Travis Lape, Sept --
      "When I am trying to update my firmware in the AVRDUDE Settings under the ACRDUDE Options I don't see the any options pop up to select. I am suppose to see stk500v2 am I doing something wrong?"
  • posted my mac will not download pancake painter. why?
  • posted Why PancakeBot not work in WIN10 PC64 and I can not run?
  • posted Why are a lot of the designs uploaded in "text" (.txt) format...? How do you install those on a Mac? Or use them in the software program?
  • posted Click here for a Quick Start Video from the Inventor!
  • posted All the links to the tutorials link to the home page instead!!! All the people who get PancakeBots for Christmas will struggle struggle if they can't see them. We bound them very helpful when they were accessible.
  • posted On the Mac, you must move the app from downloads to /Applications and load it from there. I you try to load it download you will get a failure to install message. I upgraded Sierra today and the software works perfectly. I hope the webmaster will put this information where users can easily find it.

    The glitch results from Apple's new gatekeeper program. It is not a bug with Pankakemaker.