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Notes from my first tests for all Pancakebot owners.
Be patient. There are many variables that we have master.
The batter thickness.
This is probably the biggest variable due to different mixes available and how you strain the batter. I added maybe too much water and thinned it more than needed as the lowest flow rate possible was to fast. Im my case too much water was only a couple of tablespoons. It does not take much to affect the batter thickness.
The pressure rate of flow.
Once you get the batter thickness right, the pressure flow will give you the finer control you will need to prevent too much batter to be deposited.
The temperature of your griddle.
My griddle needed to be set to medium high to get the right results. your milage may vary.
The height of the bottle over the griddle.
The bottle gets hot being over the griddle making the batter easier to flow, you may want to set it in the higher positions. I found that raising the bottle, slowed the flow of the batter.
The complexity and size of your design.
Dont use fills until you get the flow right, as fills may way over fill (still happened when I thickened my batter). Use line strokes to fill instead of auto filling areas.
Finally, if you are willing to open the .gcode files with a text editor you can edit many items to have finer control over your pancake 'prints'. An easy one is to change the 35 second delay between colors (35000 milliseconds) to a shorter time (I used 5000).
Good luck and post your experience to help others.