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Haven't seen anything that indicates how long it takes to print and cook a pancake. Any estimates, perhaps for different sized pancakes or different settings if it changes the time a lot.
  • Judy Krassowski Sorry for the time lag (vacation and stuff)

    It takes us 3-4 minutes for a 3-4 layer (different "colors") within the design - the pancake "cooks" as each layer is dropped onto the griddle. The more simple the design, the better - work from dark to light. The most important, most time-consuming part of this very fun-for-students process is getting just the right consistency of pancake batter. That has been an absolute bear to achieve and frustration level can run high. Not too runny, not too thick - you really do need to mix your own because the air pressure is just too low (adjusted can be way too high) to deal with blobby gooey hard to bubble batter - and never, NEVER, NEVER EVER turn that batter dispenser upside down!!! Batter seeps down through the air tube and you are screwed and need to take the entire pump apart to clear out batter in the valve. WHAT A MESS!!! Our PancakeBot was purchased through a crowdfunding experiment "Change Wars" similar to "Tip Wars" that raised the money from high school art students in less than two weeks. Students behind the experiment have now graduated and we're now training a new crew. Have a supply of plates, plastic utensils and syrup on hand - once you get good batter, you'll be printing constantly so that nothing clogs up. Cheers!
  • Judy Krassowski Ditto on Tom Anderson - it's taking us 3-4 minutes per pancake based on complexity of design - we're so close to finding the right combination of pressure/batter/temperature . . .
  • Tom Anderson I found some information:
    "From here the machine drew the design in batter onto its hot skillet, a process which takes about 3 to 4 minutes."
    Then the pancake gets flipped over, probably a minute or two more?