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I am having the same issue as Angela. My gantry holding the bottle does not move side to side at all. Any help would be appreciated as I am using this machine for an upcoming summer camp.
  • Jennifer Holt So tech support helped me troubleshoot and solve my issue. Since there was at least one other person having this issue I figured I would share the solution here for reference. There is a small cover where the data cable connects the pancake bot's brain to the gantry. Due to the twist in the cable, when you put the cover back on it can move the cable a bit and lift one side so that it does not make a good connection. I removed the cover and reconnected the cable since one side was lifted slightly and it works great now. It was connected enough to make a good connection with the side the controls the vertical motion but the left side has lifted slightly which connects to the side to side gantry with the bottle.
    Here is a video describing the offending piece that the pancake bot folks sent to me. :)

    I hope this helps some folks as they trouble shoot their pancake bot.