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Pancake painter software does not appear to work on Mac OS X 10.8.5. Instant crash on every launch. Is this a known problem?
  • Don Lee By the way - the web site is very frustrating for someone looking for answers.

    All roads seem to lead to the same places, and they are not the places I'm looking for. I've had a devil of a time getting back to the "download software" page. Note that there is no way to get there from most places, especially the "help topics".

    The ONLY way to get to a useful search of the help traffic is in Github, and is ONLY available if I go there through the link to the Linux source.

    Needs work.
  • Don Lee To be clear - it says PancakePainter depends on Electron, which won't work on anything older than 10.9.
  • Don Lee Apparently this was discovered in January. There is a note in the "help" forum that says the docs were updated but the link on the web site still says "Mac OS X 10.7+" for the PancakePainter SW.

    This should be updated! It would have saved me several wasted hours.