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Hey everyone!! I want to run some tests with cura slicing to generate the gcodes for pancakebot.
Does anyone know which parameters should I use? Is there a profile I can already upload on cura?
  • Miguel Valenzuela The GCode for this is pretty basic.
    G001 X100 Y100 F5600; is for coordinates and feerate
    M106; is for dispensing on.
    M107; is for dispensing off.
    G4 P1000; pauses the head for 1000 milliseconds.
    G02 X 100 Y100 I50 J50; produces arcs (counter clockwise)
    G03 produces arcs clockwise.
    G21 sets units to mm.
    G28 homes all axis
  • elle hey nikola, did you have any luck with this? would love to join the cause!
  • Miguel Valenzuela No there isn't a profile yet. But you can look at the Gcode for starting and stopping the flow. It's pretty basic.