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As I was fitting the filled pancake dispenser, my husband turned it on and all of a sudden the ribbon on the gantry began to vibrate, as if off its tracks. We went ahead and tried to see if it would print and now the bottle no longer moves along the y-axis (width-wise?/across the gantry). We had printed two pancakes before, so it was working brilliantly, but I think putting the batter-filled container in while it was starting up is a no-no. :( What can we do?
  • Marsonaut Hey! Guess what? After posting here and looking at video of where the toothed-ribbon (?) is supposed to be, I jiggled it up hoping the teeth would grab onto the spool again so it would move the dispenser up and down the gantry. We then put in the dispenser BEFORE turning it on and it began tracking again. This forum works a charm - we are back to happy pancake making! Thank you. 😃
    • Miguel Valenzuela That's great! Sorry we didn't get in touch with you earlier. I'm setting up an RSS feed so I can respond quicker to inquiries. It would be great if you have some comments or suggestions for improvements that you post a review on Amazon to help others.
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