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Help installing beta firmware on Mac
Have followed the instructions on the site but having trouble getting the installer app to work/write. Specifically, some of the pull down settings on the tutorial are not options in the installer app on the Mac. Has anyone else successfully installed the new firmware using a Mac recently?
  • Syrius Goratrix The problem seems to be solved by selecting the config file and closing, re-opening the programm
  • MARK CHRISTENSEN Regarding my post earlier today about not seeing the stk500v2 option in AVDUDE settings pull-down menu, I found another pancakebot user who said to run the DMG file for the AVDUDE program from within the APPLICATIONS folder on my mac instead of within the Download folder where I had it before.

    When I did that, I proceeded through the steps in the Firmware tutorial and am now successfully seeing the stk500v2 in the pulldown listing.
  • MARK CHRISTENSEN I'm having the same problem other users have had it appears -- Post by Travis Lape, Sept --
    "When I am trying to update my firmware in the AVRDUDE Settings under the ACRDUDE Options I don't see the any options pop up to select. I am suppose to see stk500v2 am I doing something wrong?"