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When I first got the Pancakebot and was experimenting with air pressure and batter thickness, batter got backed up into the valves (common theme here I see). I cleaned out the hose, but didn't realize it had gotten all the way in. I cleaned out the micro valves and hoses like the videos show. However, I can't print on lower than a 10 pressure setting. I can hear the unit pushing out air but it is too soft. Also, there is no longer any suction and the batter leaks when not printing making a big mess each time. Does the air pump need replacing? Air pump and micro valves?
  • Miguel Valenzuela Sounds like the air pump needs cleaning. Contact
    • Alix Hey Miguel! I did send an email to support over a week ago. Haven't heard back :( But, even not performing at its best, the Pancakebot has been an amazing addition to our library makerspace and STEAM programming. I have done one demo and event each month since September, and we keep getting new kids learning about it each time. I play the video of you at the Maker Faire talking about how it came about at the beginning of each program so the kids know it is important to invent and try new things. We also have a lego station for the kids to build with during our event. We held a naming contest and our bot's name is Flap Jackson.