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Can you please post real video (and NOT polished produced video)? What would be helpful is seeing the viscosity of the batter and the printer working in real time with detail for flow from the nozzle. It is very difficult to debug or understand the reference plane of what a working printer should look like
  • Thomas Daniel Meeks Hi Gary,

    YouthQuest Foundation just purchased a PancakeBot to help introduce CNC and 3D design and printing to the at-risk students we teach. It will arrive tomorrow and we plan to make videos as we hone in on creating, reliably, the best results. We KNOW that we will have to experiment with the PancakeBot to come close to it being able to deliver reliably; but, that is true for all our CNC and 3D Printers. So, we also bought the bottle rack so that we can experiment with four different viscosities
    fairly quickly to show and compare results. We also plan to start with one of the Shake 'n Pour products because we can simply vary one element of the process... precise measurement of how much water or milk we use in each batch. These experiments, hopefully, should be useful to everyone.

  • Miguel Valenzuela Hi Gary, how unpolished do you want the video? Drop me an email for an unpolished link.