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PancakeBot: Removing The Batter From The Mini Valves & Mini Pump - 3/10/17 (
@Slim / Fellow PancakeBot users,

Cc @Miguel Valenzuela

Today, while using the PancakeBot, after printing out a few triangle & square shapes, there was no pressure (I removed the nozzle cap, to get ready for the next print, the batter just dripped out. In the normal working mode, the sucking pressure from top prevents the batter from flowing out, when the cap is removed).

Eventually, I found out that batter had flowed into both the mini valves and the mini pump.

Q1: How could the batter have flowed from the bottle dispenser against its normal operation mode, through the various tubes, all the way INTO the mini valves & pumps?

Hopefully some one can advise is it due to too much batter in the bottle or other reason?

Q2: What is the proper way to clear out the batter in the mini pump?

Thank you.

Here's a video of what I meant:

Image link of disassembled mini pump: