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what format do you use to load a picture that pancakebot uses
  • Miguel Valenzuela I'm not sure exactly what you are asking so I'll make a few guesses to avoid back and forth.
    1. The PancakeBot reads '.GCODE' files, or files with the extension '.GCODE'. I have attached a spiral print for you to test (it prints three spirals out). Just copy the .GCODE file onto your SD card, then navigate to the file, and press play.
    2. To create your own images, you need the Pancake Painter Software available at
    This software allows you to read '.PBP' files. These files hold more information than the '.GCODE' files and allow you to change the drawing. When you are done with drawing or importing let's say, a logo, you can then export it to a '.GCODE' file that then is transferred to the SD card and printed. Before it is exported, there are settings that allow you to change the dispensing pattern as well as the fill and such.
    But to be clear, you can't load a picture to your bot, you have to load it into the software, hand trace or auto trace it, then export it to the SD card and print from the SD card.