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I have a question about the PancakeBot Version 1.0 vs the Version 2.0. Are there any major differences that will affect the use of the early version? Can I still download the latest software updates?
  • Miguel Valenzuela A few differences: Firmware on version 1 has a locked in speed. Firmware can be updated to adjust the speed.
    Version Two Bottles have taller lids allowing one to tilt them more reducing risk of sucking up batter into the tube.
    Version Two also has a filter and casing on the side reducing the chance of sucking batter into the vacuum system
    Version 2 also uses a plastic three way connector with a barbed tip that connects the tube to the gantry. This makes it more difficult for the tubing to fall off and creates a better seal. Version 1 had a female connection.
    Version 2 Bottle lids (also available separately) have a mail connection to the tubing vs. a female connection.