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While browsing the designs page, when I click to download some files I get the gcode as needed, but others I'll only have downloaded a .txt file. Am I blindly missing a step? I'm on a mac by the way, running Mojave.
  • Chris Thanks Miguel, I tried changing the extension, didn't work. Safe to say Im just outta luck with these particular designs?
    • Miguel Valenzuela Which design is it? It may be a .pbp file. Open it up as text and find out what it looks like. The .gcode files have the GCODE commands in them. The .pbp files are primarily paper.js attributes and look very different.
      I would try changing the extension to .pbp and then open it in pancake painter or send me a link and I will see what I can do.
  • Miguel Valenzuela Yo Chris. Sorry for the delay. You can change the extension to .gcode and you should be good. Unfortunately, these are user generated files so some users output them as text.