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Update from the Inventor
Hi Everyone, this is Miguel, inventor of PancakeBot.
My apologies for being off the radar lately. I have been working on creating and innovation center & makerspace in Norway by where I live and all my resources and time have been devoted to that.
With the space up and running in a few months, we hope to bring more PancakeBot type content.
In the meantime, I will be managing this forum a bit more since the manufacturer has not chosen to do so.
If you read above, it is not very clear but it says that it is meant for "User to help users" and is not managed by Storebound.
If you want to follow this forum, you can set up an RSS Feed by using the URL:
Thank you for your continuing support!
Miguel Valenzuela
Inventor of PancakeBot
  • Miguel Valenzuela BJL! I am sorry but I did not see this post. My RSS feed did not see your reply. Can you please post on the root support site or send me an email to Did StoreBound ever get in touch with you?
  • BJL I NEED HELP!! I have called your customer support number and nothing. I have tried to download the software on two macs and a PC and NOTHING WORKS!!!! PLS HELP!! my sons got this for xmas and it is not working and so disappointing. Is anyone able to assist!?