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When i save a picture from the painter software. It saves as a php file. If I save this type of file to my memory card. Will the pancakebot read it? If not, how do i change it to a gcode?
  • Miguel Valenzuela PBP files are PancakeBot Painter files holds JSON Information for Pancake Painter to Read. To get the GCODE File, you go to File, Export For Printing, and that takes you to a dialogue box that has settings for the GCODE File. On those settings you can control how the batter is dispensed by designating timing and line thickness.
    I recommend starting off with the following settings with some Rule of Thumb (ROT):
    Shape Fill Effective Batter Width: 2mm - (ROT-Thicker batter, smaller number)
    Smallest Flatten Distance: 2 dv/px (ROT-More Resolution, Smaller Number)
    Line End Pre-shutoff distance: 2dv/px (ROT-Thicker Batter, smaller number)
    Line Start pump ON wait time: 750ms (ROT-Thicker Batter, larger number)
    Line End Pump OFF wait time: 750ms (ROT-Thicker batter, larger number)
    Line Fill Options: 3-5 dv/Px
    Seconds between bottle/shade changes: 10 seconds
    Line Fill Angle (25)
    Line Fill Grouping Threshold: 2

    The image over the settings in the latest software is backwards, so the lighter lines should actually be darker lines, but the GCODE exports correctly. (Bug to fix)