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press the power button and the red light next to power comes on, but nothing on the LED. We have an SD card in the slot with designs, but still it isn't doing anything. It just sits there.
  • Bob brand new from Amazon, Model PNKBO1BK2
  • Bob when I press and hold the power button, the red light goes off. When I let it up, it comes back and nothing else happens. I clearly tried pressing the power button.
    • Miguel Valenzuela You don't need to hold the power button down. Just press it and let it go.
      When you do that, it should move the gantry to the back and the bottle to the left.
      Do you know what version you have? 1.0 has a short lid on the bottle and version 2.0 has a tall lid on the bottle. Also, was it new or refurbished/used?
  • Miguel Valenzuela BTW, don't get any batter in the vacuum hose on top. The unit will turn off it is idle for 3 minutes in order to prevent the stepper motors from overheating (I believe). Let it drip or put the cap on tip, but don't flip the bottle over whatever you do. :)
  • Miguel Valenzuela The red light indicator means it is plugged in. Pressing the button turns the bot on and the LCD light lights up.
    Yeah, not very intuitive I know. :)