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Hello! My When I select a shape on my PancakeBot and click the button, it doesn't do anything. It just hums. Do I need to update some firmware or something? If so, which firmware should I use? I have a Mac.

Thank you!
  • Miguel Valenzuela Please download the latest release at

    Let me know if that works.
  • Lori Nicolanti I was able to get some of the designs from the Print Design area to work!! :)
    • Miguel Valenzuela Awesome. I am in Norway so sorry for the late response.
      A tip, please don't get batter in the vacuum hose on top. It is a common issue that people don't understand about the system.
  • Lori Nicolanti Thank you for the quick reply. When I save a file with the software from, it saves an empty gcode file.

    When I try the spiral file you uploaded, I save it to the memory card, but it does not show on the PancakeBot screen, so I cannot select it.
    • Miguel Valenzuela Ok. This could be a file extension issue that has to do with your computer possibly. Open up the file on your computer desktop and make sure it shows the extension .gcode and not .txt
      The file could have been downloaded and could have been read as a text file.
  • Miguel Valenzuela Check the file by opening it up and making sure there is data in it. Use notepad. The firmware should not have anything to do with that. Try the spiral file I uploaded in previous posts.