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When I try to export a file for printing it just gives me that blue loading bar forever and never loads. I have gotten a few designs past it but I’m looking for a solution.
  • Tristan Same thing. Even tried letting the export run on the attached PBP overnight, but the blue loading bar never moved. Tried with both 64 and 32 bit version 1.4 of the software. i7 proc with 16GB ram... seems like a software bug.
    • Miguel Valenzuela that is a complex file and I can see why it is having trouble exporting it. I honestly think we should remove the facial autotracing from the program or declare as beta as it still has a lot of work to do.
      The issue with the program is that it does not detect contours, but instead shades, so unless we can detect contours through a 3D scan, the highlighting structure of the forms of the face will not be captured.
      More work to do.
  • Jack Adee There’s only one that doesn’t work which is my face. I’m on 1.4 on Mac
    • Miguel Valenzuela OK. So you are talking about the Auto Import on the software program. Larger and more detailed images will take more time. This portion of the software could also be further developed, unfortunately, the last version of the software was updated in March of 2018 and that is all the manufacturer StoreBound has been willing to develop till this point. You can send an email to StoreBound to and give them suggestions on improvements. I would recommend doing simple tracing for detailed images of facial features because the software only picks up color values and not 3D contours.
  • Miguel Valenzuela Hi Jack,
    Do you have the latest software? Also, do you have many fills on it? If there are many fills, it can take a while for the algorithm to process.
    Send me some specs on your software version, (should be 1.4), your computer (Mac, PC) and even include the PBP File in this attachment.