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Has anyone tried using the "Shake 'n Pour" bottles of pancake mix by companies like Betty Crocker?
  • Miguel Valenzuela Yes it works fine as long as you remove the clumps by running it through a strainer per the quickstart video instructions. Just try a bit thicker before thinning it out. It is easier to make it thinner with milk or water than to thicken it up later with flour.
    • Thomas Daniel Meeks That's great. It seems to be a good starting point to develop a consistent mix since we can precisely keep track of the water or milk we use to reach a good consistency. I seems to me, that if the powder mix is OK, then we are down to one variable.

      By the way, I would love to see a subject heading where we can share successes and creative uses more clearly and easily.
      • Thomas Daniel Meeks Easily... editing does not work. :)
        • Miguel Valenzuela I am not in charge of the layout for the site but you can suggest it to
          I have started a thingiverse for PancakeBot and that may be something more appropriate. The sharing of the print designs can use significant improvements.
          • Thomas Daniel Meeks As can the sharing of many ways this very cool product can be used to encourage creativity and learning in kids. We plan to use ours at the beginning of every teaching cycle to introduce 3D printing concepts through automated 2D printing using the PancakeBot.