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A shot of the inventors treehouse for New Years.
A user brought up a good question recently about extending PancakeBot's use to include educational examples, and maybe creating a better user experience to share results and items with others.
As the inventor, I completely agree with this person, and encourage those of you who would like to see more, to contact the manufacturer and distributor StoreBound at and let them know.
I do my best to inform them of these things but coming from the customer, it has a greater effect from my experience.
I have been asked by many why I have not participated more than I have been so let me answer that.
As the inventor, I entered into a licensing agreement with StoreBound, to help manufacture and distribute PancakeBot, because of my limited resources from Norway, and this has been fully transparent since the KickStarter. StoreBounds CEO Evan Dash has a vast amount of experience bringing products to market and putting them into stores. He took a big risk with PancakeBot and I believe, the payout in brand recognition and notoriety has been fantastic for his company.
Evan's team is made up of great people, I have met most of them personally, and they are working hard to do what they can for their products.
Even through all of this though, I wish that they would have a better presence on social media, this website, Amazon as well as this forum for users to interact directly with them. That coupled with the emails and posts I receive about never hearing back from them, has always concerned me.

So when I get more ideas about education, or projects, etc., I have to ask myself how to dedicate my time to these endeavors while carrying a full time job, managing a household as well as numerous other projects, while receiving a small royalty for the sale of each item.

At this point though, I will do my best, at my expense, to help manage this forum and provide more exciting things for users.
Thank you for your patience, and let StoreBound know what you like and what they can do to improve the customer experience. After all, PancakeBot is not just a smart blender, it is a PancakeBot, and who knows where it can go next.
Happy New Year Everyone!