Print Your Pancakes

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The YouthQuest Foundation – Serving America's At-Risk Youth (
I work with the YouthQuest Foundation ( and our mission is to teach at-risk young people 3D Design and Printing with the goal of helping them to understand that their failures are not final. They learn this lesson because ALL CNC and 3D Printers require experimentation before they finally deliver what was in our head. We will be running a pilot program in one of our sites were we expose the entire student body, one group at a time, to 3D concepts through interacting with the PancakeBot.

It arrived today, one day early, so we will be experimenting with it ourselves in our 3D ThinkLink Lab. We know we will have failures. We know that we will have to try different mix formulas and different print strategies before we get reliable results. And, that is exciting for us as teachers because that is the essence of creativity. We will be videotaping as we experiment and make those videotapes available to everyone, warts... failures and all.

What is really cool, and the reason we are confident, is that I have written Miquel, who I have never met, and I know he will help us... which, in turn, should be helpful to everyone. We rarely have that kind of support for some of our 3D printers.

Looking forward to the adventure!