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Tried using our new PancakeBot but the gantry arm will not move, even though the working light is on. Have disconnected and reconnected the grey cable a few times to ensure a good connection but no luck. Help! Thank you!
  • Miguel Valenzuela Thanks Lila.
    When you say the Gantry arm, are you saying that it does not move across the long way of the base? Or are you saying that the bottle holder on top of the gantry does not move?

    If your Gantry Arm moves along the longer axis, but the bottle holder does not move on top of the gantry, it may be your cable connection. Check the pins, make sure they are not bent, make sure it is clean and free of debris.
    If the Gantry Arm does not move along the long axis, but the pump on gantry turns on, and makes a whirring sound, then it sounds like you have power to the gantry arm, and you should check the file you uploaded to the SD Card.
    Please use the spiral file I am attaching for testing.

    Thank you,
    • Miguel Valenzuela Lila, you can also see the file here and copy the information onto a text file and rename with the extension .GCODE
    • Miguel Valenzuela Seems that your mac is blocking the file, possibly because of security issues. Chrome or Safari?
      Send me an email to and I will send you the test file ASAP.
    • Lila Prestia What do I do with this file? Add to my SD card as the text file? Please advise.
      • Miguel Valenzuela Yes. Copy it to your SD card and try to run it.
        It should not have a .txt extension on it. It should have a .GCODE extension on it.
        If your computer is asking you to rename it to for example, "ThreeSpirals.Gcode.txt" don't accept. The complete file name should be "ThreeSpirals.Gcode" or "ThreeSpirals.GCODE" (case sensitivity should not be an issue). Do you have a Mac or a PC?