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how to I clean the pressure hose pump? I'm not getting any pressure from my hose.
  • Miguel Valenzuela The manufacturer does not recommend you services your own machine but what I would recommend you do is open up the area where the vacuum line goes into and inspect the valves. Most likely batter has gotten into the system and clogged it. You can use a Phillips tip screwdriver and unscrew the four screws. If it is clogged you will see batter on one of the hoses coming off the valve. Take a picture of what everything looks like before you proceed to take it apart. You then unscrew the holder that holds down the two valves, remove the valve, and clean it. You may have to remove the white cover on the valve. If you do, then make sure to have something underneath to catch the pin and the spring inside of it so you don't lose it. Clean it out with a rubber toothpick and rinse, then reassemble after it dries. Consider running a mixture of 1:10 vinegar to water ratio to rinse and disinfect the valve and tubing.