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  • posted Hi! I have the PNKB01BK2 - I loaded the image and select it on the screen, press play/pause but then nothing happens. The Gantry arm will move back to the top of the griddle and move side to side then just stop in the middle. The "Working" light is lit during all of this. Please help!
    • Miguel Valenzuela Sounds like there is no information on your file. Take the SD card, open up the .GCODE file with at text editor, and see if there is any information in it. If there are less than 20 lines of information, your image did not get properly transferred to GCODE. What were you trying to print? This typically happens with large image files that you are trying to automatically turn into a Pancake.
  • posted Here is the part mounted securely in the bottle and securely holding a 2.5" strainer ready for the batter to be poured into the bottle.
  • posted One of the most critical things we can do to protect our PancakeBot is to ensure that no batter finds its way up into the air tube. For best performance we also need to strain batter to remove any lumps. This 3D printed part holds a 2.5" strainer and is designed to guide the dripping batter into the center of the bottle, not along the sides. This keeps the sides clear so tha we can spot any batter creeping up to the top of the bottle.
  • posted I work with the YouthQuest Foundation ( and our mission is to teach at-risk young people 3D Design and Printing with the goal of helping them to understand that their failures are not final. They learn this lesson because ALL CNC and 3D Printers require experimentation before they finally deliver what was in our head. We will be running a pilot program in one of our sites were we expose the entire student body, one group at a time, to 3D concepts through interacting with the PancakeBot.

    It arrived today, one day early, so we will be experimenting with it ourselves in our 3D ThinkLink Lab. We know we will have failures. We know that we will have to try different mix formulas and different print strategies before we get reliable results. And, that is exciting for us as teachers because that is the essence of creativity. We will be videotaping as we experiment and make those videotapes available to everyone, warts... failures and all.

    What is really cool, and the reason we are confident, is that I have written Miquel, who I have never met, and I know he will help us... which, in turn, should be helpful to everyone. We rarely have that kind of support for some of our 3D printers.

    Looking forward to the adventure!
  • posted When I select the drawing I want, the working light turns on and the gantry moves all the way to the bottom, but then the light turns off and it stops. It's the correct file type, and we've adjusted the pressure. We haven't gotten the gantry to move across the griddle at all.
  • posted There are no preloaded pictures on my sim card. WHY I can't get others from designs tobe anything other the pbp files. I am getting very frustrated!!!!!!!
    • Thomas Daniel Meeks Hi Rosanne,

      It true of all of the CNC or 3D design applications that you must save files twice. The first save is in a format that can be read by the design application and the second save is to create a file that can be read by the printer, or in the case of 3D printers, a file that can be read by a xlicer that then creates a gcode file that the printer can use to create the object.

      In Pancake Painter, FILE > SAVE PROJECT or FILE > SAVE PROJECT AS saves ,bpb files which can be interchanged with other uses or from other users. It is the FILE > EXPORT FOR PRINTING selection that should create a .gcode file that can be seen by the PancakeBot.

      It's important to save your pancake creations in both formats and if you import a ,pbp file that someone else has created to open it and then use EXPORT to convert and save that design as a .gcode file for your PancakeBot.
    • Miguel Valenzuela Hi Rosanne, sorry about this. The PancakeBot does not read .pbp files, it reads .GCODE Files. So you need to take this into pancake painter and go to File, Export for Printing to generate your GCODE Files. I have attached a file called ThreeSpirals.GCODE for you to test.
  • posted What has everyone found the best number to leave on for the pressure? or do you find you have to change if for each pancake made. Any help i would appreciate it, Thank you
    • Miguel Valenzuela Hi Nicholas,
      The pressure of the batter will vary with the batter viscosity. This changes slightly over time because of heat, your recipe, the amount in the bottle etc. The adjustment dial is made to be adjusted real time. Check out the QuickStart Video for some tips.
  • posted can you duplicate the trace you created to print multiple images at once?
  • posted what is the website to dezine
  • posted I cannot get the items on to the sd card in order for them to print