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A runaway success on Kickstarter, PancakeBot lets kids and adults express their creativity through food while exploring technology.

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  • posted There are no preloaded pictures on my sim card. WHY I can't get others from designs tobe anything other the pbp files. I am getting very frustrated!!!!!!!
    • Miguel Valenzuela Hi Rosanne, sorry about this. The PancakeBot does not read .pbp files, it reads .GCODE Files. So you need to take this into pancake painter and go to File, Export for Printing to generate your GCODE Files. I have attached a file called ThreeSpirals.GCODE for you to test.
  • posted What has everyone found the best number to leave on for the pressure? or do you find you have to change if for each pancake made. Any help i would appreciate it, Thank you
    • Miguel Valenzuela Hi Nicholas,
      The pressure of the batter will vary with the batter viscosity. This changes slightly over time because of heat, your recipe, the amount in the bottle etc. The adjustment dial is made to be adjusted real time. Check out the QuickStart Video for some tips.
  • posted can you duplicate the trace you created to print multiple images at once?
  • posted what is the website to dezine
  • posted I cannot get the items on to the sd card in order for them to print
  • posted
    • Miguel Valenzuela Drawing time has to do with how many colors you have and the amount of time between color layers. The software allows you to control the delay between these layers but you may lose contrast in the design unless you use a high heat. It is a pancake and takes time to cook and so the printing takes that cooking time into consideration. You can also increase the speed of the bot using the push buttons on the console.
      Please note that the PancakeBot is for Household use only so you will have to check with your local food and health organization to determine if you can use the device for commercial endeavors.
  • posted i wanted to make a cat it was not even halfway close to a cat :/ it was a predesigned shit too
    • Miguel Valenzuela Not all predesigned stuff may come out the way it's expected. There may be variations to the drawing the user did because of batter viscosity etc. If you would like a cat, I can gladly make one for you.
  • posted Can you please post real video (and NOT polished produced video)? What would be helpful is seeing the viscosity of the batter and the printer working in real time with detail for flow from the nozzle. It is very difficult to debug or understand the reference plane of what a working printer should look like
  • posted Does it really work? Does not appear to modulate batter
    • Miguel Valenzuela Yes. It should modulate the batter.
      The pressure should vary with this.
      Drop me an email and we'll see if we can resolve this.
    • Gary Levy I have meticulously followed the batter recipe. I can not get any design to come out reasonable. The batter tends to free flow or not come out at all. The pressure settings dont appear to make a difference. As a multidecade baker and chef it seems hard to believe that the batter consistency is that critical. Is my machine simply not functioning correctly?
  • posted I am using a mac, have had a difficult time installing the software but figured out a way around it. My problem is that when I download any design from the website, it only opens in .txt - can you please advise? I cannot open any of these designs from the pancakebot app. My students would like to use some designs and we need help.