Print Your Pancakes

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  • PancakeBot™ Trailer
  • General How To
  • Using the Software

How To Videos


PancakeBot Quick Start

A quick start guide to the PancakeBot.


PancakeBot™: How To

A quick overview of installation, design, and printing with your PancakeBot.


Using the Software

A tutorial that will teach you the basics of creating your own pancake designs.


Pre-Nozzle Check

Doing this will help clean the nozzle before printing the design and give you time to make some on-the-fly adjustments for better results.


Condensation Buildup in Air Hose

This video shows you what to do when there is condensation buildup in the Air Hose from using the PancakeBot for extended periods of time.


Tip for Printing: Pressure Release Hole

Shows you how to cover the pressure release hole while you are doing the Pre-Nozzle Check to eliminate any blockage in the Nozzle Tip before printing.


Height Adjustment Slots: Printing / Standby

A quick explanation of the height adjustment slots and how to position your Dispenser Bottle for printing and for standby.


Connecting the Gantry to the Base

A few tips on connecting your Gantry to the PancakeBot Base so that your PancakeBot will work properly.


Printing with Your SD Card

This video shows you how to save exported files to an SD card, insert the SD card into your PancakeBot, and select your design to print.