Design Library

Remember to watch our Quickstart Video to Get you Started!

The following files are meant to help you get started with printing pancakes. Remember, you must have an SD Card that is less than 32 Gigs and it must be formatted to FAT32.
The PancakeBot only reads files with .gcode extension. These files are simple text files with coordinate information telling your bot what to print!

PLEASE NOTE: GCODE Files are text files and are downloaded by right clicking or left clicking + control (on Mac) and selecting “Save Link As”.

ThreeSpirals.gcode – Prints three spirals. (Visit the Youtube Video Here)
violin.gcode – prints a violin.
SaturnVRocketPops.gcode – Prints NASA’s Saturn V Rockets
Piano4.gcode – Prints 4 pancakes as Piano Keys
LEM.gcode – Prints a Lunar Landing Module
Coco Guitar Pair.gcode – Prints two small guitars (Visit the Youtube Video Here)
Bunny Fill.gcode – Prints a bunny and fills it.
1rex.gcode – Prints a T-Rex

Drawing your on Pancakes with Pancake Painter

We recommend not using the Autotrace function on complex drawings or grey scale drawings. Those are still beta.